Hall Rentals

To view and submit the Devon Legion rental agreement, click here!

To enquire about hall rentals, please email: rentals@devonlegion.ca or by phone at 780-987-3356 (phone messages are only checked Thurs-Saturday. For the quickest response, please consider email)

We are now accepting bookings for your upcoming Christmas parties! 

In addition to the full kitchen facility, the Legion Hall has 12 round tables (5 ft in diameter) that can accommodate eight chairs per table (96 people total). Also, the Legion Hall has 20 rectangular tables (6 ft in length) that can accommodate 3 or 4 chairs per side depending on layout.

Active members must be in good standing for 1 year, and be present at the function to qualify for active member pricing.

The Legion Hall dimensions are 39 ft x 44 ft.

The total rental amount is payable by cheque, credit card, debit card, or cash 30 days before the booked event. 

A damage deposit is due 30 days before the booked event.  


The Renter shall be responsible for any “setup” and tear down. (e.g. arranging tables and chairs) required. You must allow for this time when renting the hall/lounge  (e.g. renting the day before).


At this time the legion hall is not Handicapped accessible.


The Jim Virtue Lounge is rented out on an Hourly basis only. Due to liability reasons, there must be a Bartender or Attendant present during the full time of the lounge event. The bartender/attendant is included in the price of the Jim Virtue Lounge rental.

Rental Rates:


Bill Clemens Hall - Full Day: $330.00

Bill Clemens Hall - Hourly: $33.00

Jim Virtue Lounge - Hourly: $47.00


Bill Clemens Hall - Full Day: $165.00 

Bill Clemens Hall - Hourly: $22.00

Jim Virtue Lounge - Hourly: $39.00

Kitchen Rates

Kitchen - Full Day: $110.00

Kitchen - Hourly: $15.00

Bar Rates:

Bar Setup Fee: $44

Bartender - Hourly: $22/per bartender


Wine Glasses: $1.50/per glass

Tablecloths: $9.00/per item

Corkage(Non-legion supplied bar): $6.50/per person

Janitorial Fee: $22.00/per event (mandatory for all events)