President's Corner

President Cde. Travis Calliou being presented with the Aboriginal Veterans Society of Alberta flag by Society Vice-President Shawn Donovan.

Good day Comrades.

For those who don't know me, I am an Aboriginal Veteran who served 10 yrs in the Regular Forces with the 1st Battalion PPCLI and 1 SVC Battalion. Both were based in Calgary.

I absolutely look forward to my next adventure serving as your Legion President.

I am truly honoured to be entrusted with the position which you have given me.

I definitely have big boots to fill! Former Presidents, Stan Abma and Jeffrey Craddock, along with their amazing respective support staff, and you the members, have guided us through some trying times. We had an amazing year coming out of covid. We were excited to participate in Devon Day's, and our new Pavilion was utilized with the sounds of live music and laughter.

We were able to dedicate the upstairs hall to Mr. Clements before his unfortunate passing, and we were absolutely blessed to have him in person to enjoy the day. Thank you, Dave Marson, and the rest of the TEAM for making that happen.

We have helped more Veterans this past year than in the last 4 yrs that I have been there.

We are blessed to have a very determined and dedicated service officer within our walls.

I really didn't want to write a novel so I should end this.

The Branch as a whole is an organization of dedicated volunteers who keep the doors open. Our Legion's membership grew in Veterans, as well as with non-Veterans. Thank you new members we welcome you and look forward to many adventures together.

Let's have another fantastic year and keep engaging within our community.

Merry Christmas! Hopefully, we will see you at the New Year's Eve bash, featuring the band, Center Stage. Food will be prepared by our own JP Chef extraordinaire

Travis Calliou

President Branch 247